Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian Summer?

There for awhile I written off Indian Summer, which usually comes in October. The past few afternoons have felt like Indian Summer.....Absolutely beautiful afternoons following cool mornings. At this time it doesn't appear we are in for any heavy rain for awhile. We could see some showers early in the week.
How bot Ida! A late season hurricane is entering the Gulf and north and then east. It used to be hurricane season ended on the first of November. Now, it's considered to be over by the end of November.


Kelly said...

Yep, our brother better watch out for Ida!

I've enjoyed the weather lately and hope the rain holds off awhile longer. Is your banner picture from this year? Our trees just haven't been that colorful this year. Too wet, I guess.

Pam said...

Personally, I am NOT happy with the return of hot weather!! I want cold and I want wet, as in SNOW!!!

I'll take it any time now, thank you! :)