Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer gets underway

Today - May 31st - is the anniversary of the worst flood in the history of the United States killing more than 2200 people in Johnstown, PA. Other floods covered larger areas like the 1937 floods on the Mississippi which killed 1100 and left 600,000 homeless. And of course many hurricanes over the years have caused extensive flooding.

Speaking of hurricanes....the Atlantic season officially begins tomorrow, June 1st. Accuweather has a good page for following this year's storms.

Memorial Day was very warm and muggy. We had various spells of thunder and some rain. More storms my pop up later in the week.

Take note of the pic below. I stole this one from Claire's Twitter. This photo was from Hobart, Tasmania where she also got the chance of view Tasmanian Devils. She showed us on of those pics this morning while Skyping from Melbourne.

Want to bet who would win a fight between this guy and Weasley????

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More and there

We had a nice severe thunderstorm late Tuesday afternoon with small hail, close lightning, and just over two inches of rain. That means no watering again for a few days. I think I've only run the sprinkler three times this year. Let's hope for another cool and wet Summer. The past few days have been extremely humid. I'm almost ready for Fall.

Speaking of rain.....word from down under is rain, rain and more rain. Claire did manage to get out of the rain and Skype with us yesterday. Last I heard she was headed for the nearby Blue Mountains. She flies to Tasmania this weekend. Here's the link to the official sight for the Bureau of Meteorology.

Lot's of TV shows coming to an end. Law and Order went out with a whimper Monday night after 20 years. I'll miss that one. 24 finished it 8th and final day.......but don't tell me how it ended.....I might not get to watch it till the weekend.

Oh yeah...the photo above was tweeted from Manly Walk near Sidney. You can see the city in the background.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back with you

Don't you just hate elections. I was so glad when last Tuesday rolled around and it would be safe to answer the phone again. Something has to be done about the robo dialers used by candidates. I bet we averaged 7 to 8 a day during the primary campaign. The runoff in the Democratic Senate race will probably bring a return of the auto calls. We even got calls from Clinton and Obama. Nothing quite like getting home from work and asking if anyone called...and the answer is "Barack called for you". November is still a long way off....but look for lots of turnover.

One child is airborne right now on her way to Australia. My next update will take a look at weather down under.