Friday, April 24, 2009

Hawaii Weather Update

Wow...two days in a row for Mike's Weather World. I just happend to notice stormy weather in Hawaii, especially at the mountain tops. I guess it snows later in Hawaii than it does here. This is the link to the Mauna Kea Weather Center. Take a look at current observations and the web cams. Also take a look at road conditions with wind and wind chill information.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morning clouds give way to record heat

We awoke to thunder around 4:00 this morning...but the rain stayed just to our north as a small disturbance moved through. Once the sun cam up I took several shot of a classic Mammatus cloud formation. I may consider submitting this to the annual Weatherwise magazine photo contest.
After the clouds moved out we warmed up to was as a record setting afternoon. The Little Rock airport reached 90 degrees breaking the old record of 89 set back in 1960. The NWS office in North Little Rock tied a record of 87 set in 1999.
Not much chance of rain for a few days

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Rain...But I'm High and Dry

Wet, Wet Easter Sunday. It started raining here mid-morning and didn't let up until late afternoon. More rain fell Monday morning. In all we had 2.50 inches. It was probably one of the most raw Easters I can remember. I'm surprised we didn't set a record high - low. Throughout the afternoon it was only in the upper 40s with rain and a steady breeze.

I did reach my clients in Mena today and they took a hit at their home and their office. Luckily they were not hurt. The NWS now says there were 4 tornadoes in all last Thursday.

No more rain until the weekend...but it will be on the cool side for mid April. Lows the next two nights here will be in the low 40s. Northwest Arkansas is under a frost advisory tonight.

Today's Trivia Question: As of today - April 13th - which one of these ladies is receiving supplemented health care with the help of our tax dollars?

Hint: It's not Phil or Gilly.

Friday, April 10, 2009

3 Dead in Mena

Maybe not a bad as the famed Palm Sunday tornado outbreak in 1974 in the Midwest...but the Maundy Thursday outbreak will definitely be remembered in parts of the state. A devastating tornado moved thru the west Arkansas town of Mena Thursday evening killing 3 and injuring more than 30. More than one hundred homes and some businesses were damaged or destroyed. I have some wonderful clients there, and I hope the are safe. We dodged a bullet here in west Little Rock as most of the severe weather moved just north and south of us. In fact, we didn't get much rain or wind in the storm. As usual, KARK-TV did a top notch job of covering the severe weather outbreak with meteorologist Mike Francis and crew. The shot on the top of my blog is from their web site. My friend John Robinson with the National Weather Service is on scene evaluating the damage and has placed the tornado as probably a category F3. Here is a link to a story one the North Little Rock Weather Service site talking about the conditions that led to the outbreak. In the third image down of a visible satellite photo you can also see the smoke plumes from the devastating fires in Texas and Oklahoma.

Very cool again tonight with lows here in the low 40s. Northwest Arkansas may see some frost by morning with temps near the freezing mark. Rain is expected on Easter Sunday with a chance of severe weather to the south of us.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Near Record Cold!

Almost the entire state will see below freezing temperatures Tuesday morning...and it could break records at some locations. Some of the cold valley locations in the north might see upper teens. We will see upper 20's over most of the state. Protect that tender vegetation.

The wind is amazing this afternoon...gusts to near 40mph. Expect some nippy wind chills Monday morning.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Somewhere over another rainbow

Thanks to Laura the Leprechaun for these rainbow pictures from after Thursday afternoon's storms. It WAS a spectacular rainbow. Laura tried to reach the end of the rainbow, but she lives so high up on a hill that it was gone by the time she reached the bottom. Once again the elusive pot of gold remains unclaimed.

Channel 4 is making another push this year for weather radios. Meteorologist Mike Francis does live broadcasts most days from various central Arkansas Kroger stores. He will be at the Chenal Kroger on April 16th. It's been a while since I've owned a weather radio. Now they are programmable and will only go off when severe weather is close to your county. "I'll take four of those radios if you please". I'll program one for myself and the other three for the kids.

Roller coaster weather again....warm for a day or two and then cold, especially in the mornings. Some showers may occur on Sunday...but then - Look Out!!! FREEZE WARNING for Sunday night and Monday night. This freeze warning covers much of the state. Northwest could see some low to mid 20s....central Arkansas in the upper 20s...and it may very well freeze as far south as El Dorado. It's rare to have a freeze this late in the season. I believe the official latest freeze for Little Rock is April 19th. Back in the early 80's we actually had a dusting of snow in April 13th and 14th. This may be Winter's last hurrah.