Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow Update

Thanks to John for this mid-afternoon update from Fayetteville where light snow and sleet fell most of the day giving them just a dusting. Also at mid-afternoon Claire reported it was snowing pretty good and sticking on the ground north of the tunnel. Less snow down in Fayetteville. As for Little Rock, maybe a little more snow and rain mixed before midnight.

OK .... It's official .... The first flakes of snow

I can't see them....but trust me. Very light snowflakes began falling around 1:00 this afternoon. There have been other reports of light snow in central Arkansas. Temps have fallen to the upper 30's. Northwest Arkansas has seen a little more snow and sleet, even some minor accumulation on elevated surfaces. It's nothing to get excited about....but it is the first flakes of the season.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Don't get too excited....but the word snow is actually in our forecast for overnight Sunday. Maybe just a flake or two, or maybe nothing. At least it is in the forecast for the first time this season. Regardless, it has been a very seasonal Thanksgiving weekend with cloudy and cool conditions. We had nothing but sprinkles Thanksgiving night and Friday. Most of the rain fell to the south and east of us. Despite the damp conditions there was still a "Miracle on Markham II" with Arkansas pulling out a dramatic win over LSU.

Thanksgiving itself was a little different this year. All the kids were home, but Claire and I either had a virus or food poisoning Wednesday night. We were laid out for the day and had to postpone our turkey until Friday.

The Christmas tree was delivered this morning and now comes the fun part of decorating it. More on decorations to come.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Winter Might Suck

What the hell does the National Weather Service know anyway. I stand by the Old Farmers Almanac's prediction of a colder winter. Time will tell. Here is the link to the government prediction.
Well, it's time for Thanksgiving. Children are arriving and the turkey is unthawing. We are suppose to have a sunny Thanksgiving day with a slight chance of rain that night and Friday morning. Most of the rain appears to be moving south of us. Colder weather will settle in over the weekend. Let's hope for a decent Christmas shopping season. Spend money and stimulate the economy.
Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It was difinately a Fall Weekend

Everything looks and feels like Fall. Saturday morning was the coldest so far this season with a low of 22 at my house. 23 was the official low at the Weather Service office in North Little Rock and at the Airport on the east side of town. Shortly after sunrise clouds drifted in from the southwest and skies remained cloudy for the rest of the weekend. The cloud cover kept Saturday afternoon highs in the low 40's. The cold temps and clouds reminded me of what would be a perfect Thanksgiving Day. At this time it looks like turkey day will be a little warmer with highs maybe up to 60 and a slight chance of rain. Better chances Thursday night and Friday. Cooler weather is expected the first week of December.

I thought you might find this link to the history of Thanksgiving to be somewhat interesting.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cold Weekend Ahead

Wendy weather is continuing to blow leaves off the trees. I'll have to take some updated photos this weekend. The picture above is from a couple or three weeks ago.

Much colder air is filtering into the eastern half of the country. This link to Accuweather shows just how far south this air mass will travel. We will have some pretty cold conditions here with a low tonight expected in the upper 20's. Tomorrow night will see temperatures fall all the way into the low to mid 20's. This should give us a good hard freeze. The extended outlook is calling for a mild Turkey Day with much colder weather the first week in December.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Colder Than Expected

Little Rock Airport and the North Little Rock Weather Forcast Office both reported official lows this morning of 30 degrees. Pretty close to the average first freeze. At my house we fell to 25 degrees. I noticed Fayetteville had a low of 23...El Dorado 28...and Collin County Airport 28. Maybe this is a good sign of a cold winter ahead.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall is Here

This is one of those days that really feels like Fall. Last night we sat in blustery conditions at War Memorial Stadium to watch Catholic High win their first round playoff game against Fayetteville. Usually they lose when we attend a game. This was the first one we had seen in a couple of years. With no kids in high school there's not a lot of reason to go to every game.
Back to the is one of those true fall days with mostly cloudy skies, winds whipping around the leaves and temperatures in the upper 40's. I feel a fire will be burned in my fireplace this evening. Tomorrow morning will probably be near 30 with a little warmer conditions tomorrow afternoon.
I'm sure you've heard about it ... but just in case here is the link to the Today Show which has a link to the Puppy Cam. Too bad the puppies are not Beagles.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cold Front Is On The Way

This week's rain hung around a little longer than it should have. We ended up with a total of one inch for the two day total. After a little bit of fog this morning the sun came out and it was a beautiful day with temps in the 60's. We may hit 70 tomorrow before a cold front moves through after lunch. Don't be surprised by a little rainfall. The weekend should be nice and cold with all of us seeing the low 30's by Sunday morning. Fayetteville will drop to the mid 20's. It looks like fall and it feels like fall. Don't you just love it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sun Sets on Martian Lander

It looks like the end of the Phoenix Mars mission. The spacecraft has now been declared dead. All in all it was still a fantastic mission.
Rain fell here overnight with a total of just over half and inch. We had a few sprinkles during the day. I must say it looked and felt like Fall. I'm still waiting for colder weather. If you take a look at Accuweather you can see some colder temps forecast for the latter half of the week. Even Pam might have lows in the mid 30's.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brief Update

Fall weather has definately arrived in the form of a bright and blustery day. Winds have been out of the northwest at up to 20 miles per hour and coupled with temperatures in the mid 50's it has felt darn right chilly.

Tonight should be a cold one. Little Rock is forecast to officially fall to 34, but I look for 32 here in Chenal Valley. Fayetteville will see 27 and El Dorado the mid 30's. Pam should even drop to the low 40's.

Monday brings change with rain and thundershowers moving in to the area. It will remain mostly cloudy and cool thru mid-week with chances of rain.

Hurricane Paloma continues to pound Cuba...and more snow is coming to the Rockies. No picture changes today since I'm posting from my laptop. I don't have very many pictures stored in this machine.

One final note today....Laura got me watching Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel. It airs Sunday nights at 9:00. Comcast on demand has some of last season's episodes.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Fall Weekend

It's been entirely too warm to suit my taste the past few days, but it looks as if Fall is arriving. We had a passing line of showers early this morning before giving way to a beautiful sunny afternoon. Still too warm with highs in the 70's. Temps will fall some over the weekend. We could see the upper 30's by Sunday morning. Another round of showers on Monday and then continued cool weather. If you look at your extended outlook on Accuweather you'll see some more seasonable weather mid-month.
Parts of the west and upper plains have been getting snow...and in some cases a lot of it. Check out this link to Accuweather. Can you believe that much snow so early in the season.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I'm always looking for that pot of gold.....or this time maybe another election. I voted a week ago and had to stand in line for 1:45. I thought that was long....but most waits have been for more than 2-hours! I'll really be glad to get this election behind us and look forward to 2012.

I usually don't put two pictures on a post, but Fall colors are at their peak between here and Fayetteville. We ran into a surprise downpour near Russellville, hence the rainbow. The sun did come out and as we drove the "Pig Trail" north from Ozark the trees were spectacular. The trees were also at their peak on the campus. All in all a great drive and a great ballgame.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Little Bit a Shakin Goin On

Thanks to Pam for alerting me as to a few shakes in her area. Also have recorded a few minor quakes in the Oklahoma City area and just southwest of us. You can always get the latest on quakes worldwide at the earthquake link to the right.