Monday, May 2, 2011

Rain Rain...Go Away

Just a quick update. At Mike's Weather World in Chenal Valley in the past 48 hours we have received 10.25 inches of rain. I've never seen this much rain in one storm. I believe it tops the tropical storms a few years ago. And, to add misery -- It's only 46 degrees outside. I think our high today was under 50.

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Pam said...

Don't know what our rain total was but the high was 51, briefly, about 5 pm.

May 2nd and It's in the 40s all day???!!!! What crazy weather!

Today the high was 51, next Mon. the forecasted high is 88. Crazy.

Kelly said...

I'm glad we missed the majority of the rain this time. We got the "cold", though. Brr!