Saturday, July 18, 2009

And That's The Way It Is...Friday, July 17th 2009

The most trusted man in America passes on at age 92. Too bad he couldn't hold on till Monday to see the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Walter Cronkite will always be the leading icon of broadcast journalism.

As for weather....all I can say is WOW. It was 59 at our house this morning. This will probably be the most pleasant July weekend in years. Highs in the 80s, lows near 60 and low humidity. And the initial outlook for winter is for cooler and wetter weather in the South.


Kelly said...

That was the first thing I thought about when I heard he'd died....too bad he didn't make it 'til Monday.

This weather is great!! I read in today's paper that the winds Thursday evening gusted to 59mph and stayed around 30 throughout the storm. Little to no rain, though.

I thought they said warmer and wetter for the south. (due to El Nino)

Pam said...

Yes, it was sad about Old Walt. I remember him during the moon landing and Kennedy's death.

Only 91 here at the moment. Nice cool down from the 100+ of the past month or so. No rain, tho'.

Might get a stray shower sometime later or tomorrow or next week.