Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stormy Weather

Wow....monsoon season is here. So Far this month it has once again been a roller coaster with heat and rain. High humidity has been the only constant. We had record breaking rainfall back on the 4th...then hot and dry. Clouds kept Sunday a little cooler, but still very humid. It's that kind of humidity that just drains you. Thunderstorms rolled thru Monday morning with some rain. Overnight, everyone in Central Arkansas was startled away around 1:30 with the most violent display of lightning I've seen in a long time. Storms were not forecast...they just popped up northwest of the city and moved thru one after another. We were lucky....the only set off our alarm. My next door neighbor lost a TV....and two more houses over lightning struck a tree and blew out a computer and wall sockets. That neighbor had a lightning strike about 3 or 4 years ago that set his house on fire. No flames this time. I can't stress the unbelievable display of lightning....it was almost continuous. Looks like we could see some additional scattered storms later in the week.


Pam said...

Whoa!!! I can DEFINITELY do without the lightening strikes!!! Wow!

What I can do without is the unrelenting heat!!! I hope our projected chance of rain materializes this weekend to knock down this furnace!!!

It's brutal!

Kelly said...

We've had the heat and humidity, but no rain and, thankfully, no lightning.

Yesterday was great...never got above 90, I don't think. Nice after the 100 of the day before. I can tell it's gonna be a hot one today, though. The buppies are already starting to cry.

Claire said...

ohhh awesome storm!and yea lucky with the electronics and stuff!

tonight there's some really cool lightning up in the clouds, it was pretty awesome looking.

also, i really liked gran torino...i didn't see the end coming, though, i thought he'd go kill everyone or something, but then it all kind of made sense.