Friday, September 4, 2009

Football Begins With A Chance Of Rain

No one knows for sure of the origin of Notre Dame's slogan "Play like a champion today". The current sign was put up by Lou Holtz in 1986, but rumor has it that the saying was a Divine revelation from God to Notre Dame's founder, Father Edward Sorin back in 1842. Maybe there will be a little more "Luck of the Irish" this season.

Tomorrow is tailgating at War Memorial. I will tailgate, but skip the game. I guess I'm spoiled...I'd rather watch football on TV. Arkansas hosts Missouri State. Arkansas State will entertain Mississippi Valley State and Central Arkansas plays at midnight Friday night at Hawaii. The real NFL starts next weekend.

Chances of rain keep going up and down, up and down. Who knows if it will rain. With football starting, it just makes me all that much more ready for Fall.


Kelly said...

Our rain chance has decreased each day from what it was the day before. Guess we're not going to get any afterall.

Got a little warmer yesterday than originally forecast, but I'm still not complaining. Quite pleasant for this time of year!

Pam said...

I think we missed all but a tad of rain and lots of lightening and thunder. Could have a bit more.

I'm not holding my breath.

Think I'll skip the football. We're counting down to a certain little boy's double-digit birthday on Mon.

Oh to be "10" again.... NOT!!!!!!!!

Mike said...

We ended up with almost 1.50 inches of rain yesterday around noon.

Bush Babe said...

Don't talk to me about rain... anything to clear the dust from the air!!!

Thanks for visiting my little blog for my (somewhat sporadic) weekly weather watch. I try to do it Wednesdays but life often distracts me...

Enjoy your football!!