Saturday, January 9, 2010

Not quite as cold as forecast

A cold and bleak Saturday morning. This had definitely been the coldest weather in a number of years here in Arkansas. Central Arkansas has missed out on some of the extremes. Cloud cover overnight kept our temps in the mid to upper teens with a few snow flurries early today. Mike's Weather World reported a low of 9 on Friday morning, but only 16 this morning. Forecast is for near 10 tonight...but we shall see. An old rule of thumb for temperatures in seldom gets below 10 degrees unless there is snow or ice on the ground. That's why Northwest Arkansas has had lows around zero for the past few mornings. I'm not complaining....the season is still young and I'm still hoping for a decent snowfall or two. I would hate for this to become another Winter of my discontent.

Here's a link to the Weather Service on the past few days of cold. And today there is even sleet being reported in central Florida. Accuweather has several links to this extreme winter outbreak. This morning there are freezing temperatures as far south as Brownsville, TX and Orlando, FL.


Claire said...

forecast wrong??? who'd of thunk?

we walked out of the bar last night and it was snowing! and this morning my car had a bit of a trace..

Kelly said...

We were actually colder than you were! Got to 13 here last night. (the forecast was 15)

Pam said...

It was 11 here this morning. VERY cold! I think I heard it's the coldest weather we've had in this area in quite a few years or even decades.

27 right now and due to get about 17 in the morning. Tomorrow's high a balmy 42! :)