Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

A New Years Eve new moon only occurs about every 20 years. Last night's could be seen here once the clouds cleared out about midnight. Wow...has the past decade flown by or what. Seems like only yesterday we were all worried about Y2K and nothing working the next morning. Now we can start a three year worry that things once again will stop working.

As for the word here -- boring. 40's and 20's....40's and 20's. I appreciate the cold weather, but where is our snow! It appears I am being punished for all the previous years of gloating that "we got more snow than Dallas". Our day will come again and the eyes of Texas will stare coldly and enviously at our snow covered rooftops.

There are flurries in the Sunday forecast....but that doesn't excite me. At least cold weather should continue for the early part of January.


Pam said...

LOL! Happy New Year! The eyes of Texas might be seeing another snow shower on Wed. or Thurs of this week.

Speaking of the blue moon. I did see it. Actually, the purists would say that a REAL blue moon is defined (by an early Farmer's Almanac) as the 3rd moon in a month that has 4 full moons.

Sunny and cool here today. Boring.

Hopefully, 2010 will bring you snow as well as here! :) I will not gloat as I just welcome and am thankful for the white that I get!

Kelly said...

Don't begrudge Pam her snow. She deserves it.

Third full moon in a month that has four??? That would have to be one loooong month!

Pretty quiet day here. We went to see Avatar this afternoon. Good movie!

Pam said...

I know, but I read that in the paper just last week. Someone misinterpreted the Farmer's Almanac's explanation back in the 20s I think.

I'm HOPING to see Avatar on Sun. BY MYSELF! :)