Monday, September 6, 2010

A Cool Labor Day...And Maybe Some Rain

Topical Storm Hermine has formed in the western Gulf of Mexico and is headed for south Texas. This storm will bring much needed rain to Texas and since it is moving west of us it should increase our chances for rain this week.

No complaints about the Labor Day weekend. It's been dry and cool. For the first time since I don't know when the lows were in the 50s. Highs topped in the 80s. Not a cloud in the sky. Back to work tomorrow.


Pam said...

While we've had a brief taste of fall in the past week or so, it's heating back up. Mid 90s yesterday and today. Went to a splash park yesterday with Wendy, Sandy, my boys and their kids and it was but not TOO hot.

We are due to, hopefully, get some of that rain this week. We also had some last week.

It's hard to appreciate the break in the triple-digit heat when you know it's probably not really gone, just waiting to pounce again!

Snow dreams........

Kelly said...

I saw that we have a good chance of rain in our forecast for tomorrow. These cooler evenings have been wonderful!