Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Arrives this week...At least on the Calender

Remember when we used to see clouds like this???? Can't remember actually. Unseasonably hot weather continues with very very little rain. El Dorado hit 99 one day last week and we topped 97. At least the nights are getting longer and overnight lows are touching the 60's. Maybe we will see a break before long. Even the hurricanes are staying way to our south or east.


Pam said...

We've actually had a few stray, unexpected showers in the past week or so. This week was courtesy of the hurricane in Mexico.

Not that these showers did anything for the nasty heat that is stubbornly entrenched.

Mid to high 90s until next weekend when it might be a CHILLY 89!!

Snow dreams.... (afraid that's all my snow will be this year....)

Kelly said...

I'm ready for fall. We've had the random shower or two, but it's still hot at blazes!

I just want cooler, not cold.