Saturday, October 23, 2010


I just don't like what I'm seeing here...I just don't like it at all. Being the contrian that I am, maybe this means a surprisingly cold and snowy winter.

We will just have to wait and see.
We did manage to get almost 2/3 od an inch of rain last Monday. It's still WAY too hot for this time of year. No sign of a frost on the horizon. We do have rain in the forecast for late in the weekend and into next week.
Other items to keep in mind.--- It's still hurricane season and Richard is still churning around near the Yucatan. With all the dry weather fire is a threat. Red Flag warning are up for today in parts of the state.
Finally, the earthquakes continue to rumble ever so slightly near Greenbrier. Most have been in the 2.0 to 2.6 range this week.


Kelly said...

The editor of our paper made some comment in a recent editorial about the Farmer's Almanac predicting a dryer, yet cold winter for us. I thought that was wrong. Dryer, yes...but not colder.

Still warm and dry here. We'll see what tomorrow brings as far as rain.

Pam said...

We're having heavy rains and tornado sirens going off and on. Not pretty!

HOT, HOT, HOT here...grrrrr... It sucks!!

All I need to think about is continued heat and no snow!!! I'm not a happy camper!

Oklahoma had a rather large earthquake last week, too. Hope they all stay manageable!

I'm still having snow dreams!!! Fie on the forecasters!!!