Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello Again

I'm back and I'll try to stay more current with this blog. I have been very busy at work. Let's talk weather records for a moment. Saturday marked another record, actually two records. We set a daily record high with 92 degrees. In addition, it marked the 116th day this year with a high of 90 degrees or higher. That breaks the old record set in 1995 and 1954. We have had a couple of cool spells. In Fact Mike's Weather World hit 39 last Tuesday morning. The big news is the draught. We haven't had a significant rain since the 11th of September. We are still a ways away from a record. That stands at 39 consecutive days without a drop. Ironic that last year was the wettest ever with more than 80 inches, and now we are moving into drought conditions.
A couple of my faithful readers have commented to me in the past few days that I haven't updated my blog in a long I will try to do better.
One other note. Since Thursday more than 20 small earthquakes have been reported about 40 miles north of here. Most have been around 2.0......but on did register 3.0. Something to watch.


Pam said...

Welcome back!!! Love the photos!! We've had taste of fall...just enough to make it really painful when this nasty hot weather comes blasting back!

Not much rain around here in the past few weeks. Zero, actually.

Snow dreams persist.....

Kelly said...

Yep...I like the look, too!

Things sure are dry around here. The back yard is a dust bowl and the dogs bring it inside in their coats. Makes for a terribly dusty house.

We had a record low last week at 35. Sure has gotten warm again, though!