Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhog apparently on Drugs

Phil may have called for an early springs, but you couldn't tell it from what's happening around the country right now. This is an unbelievable Arctic outbreak. Snow and ice in northern Mexico with temps in the single digits. El Paso TX with lows near zero. Warmer this morning in Fairbanks AK than Oklahoma City. Lucky the Super Bowl will be inside Jerry World. Also this is the only time I can remember a Winter Storm Warning stretching along the entire gulf coast of Texas. Freezing rain on South Padre Island and schools canceled in far south Texas. Houston may see a couple of inches of sleet and snow.

Mike's weather world has been below freezing for several days now with a high today of only 24. There is a chance of snow late tonight and tomorrow. Maybe a light accumulation here, but Kelly may see a couple of inches. She will let us know. We may see a little more Sunday,and a bigger storm may come in the middle of next week. One thing is for certain - there will be another blast of arctic air next week.

Now here's the good news. If this is global warming, then I love it and we need to globally warm some more. Here is an interesting link from Joe Bastardi at Accuweather about more cold winters to come. This is a must read.

Now, to finish for today here is an interesting phenomena caused by extended cold weather. It's been below freezing so long that moisture in the ground has frozen and pushed up out of the ground. Very inpressive....

Keep Mike's Weather World up to date on your winter weather.


Pam said...

That's amazing! Never heard of that phenom!!! Spooky photos!

Well, we've been iced over around here since Tues. And I do mean iced over!!! The roads, the concrete remains solid sheets of, not snow, tho' we may see a bit of it overnight and into the day tomorrow. Not due to get much coverage as we're a tad too far north for tis round.

We could see more mid-week.

I can't believe that Mon. was the ONLY day of school around here all week!!! We NEVER have that many "snow" days! It's surreal! Good for the kids and teachers, not so hot for the Super Bowl activities around the area.

Speaking was interesting to see the dozens of sandtrucks sent from around the state and even New Mexico to clear the roadways for the Super Bowl activities. We even had rolling electricity blackouts statewide yesterday due to the weather! Pretty amazing.

Oh, and Jerry's World was exempt from the rolling blackouts due to 'security' reasons. Also, the sand trucks were not up here in Plano and environs.

Then again, how often do we need extra sand trucks around here? LOL!

Pam said...

Oh, and yep, that Groundhog must of been smokin' something when he made his early Spring prediction!!! I mean, wasn't he in the HUGE swath of winter weather that blanketed most of the nation this week???

Kelly said...

I'm glad you explained the photo. I had no idea what that was!

Just a dusting of sleet and snow overnight. Freezing rain most of today. Boo Hiss.