Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Day

Would you trust any one of these three with your country? .... That's what I thought.

Winter ended as abruptly as it began. Thursday the 10th saw lows of 9 here at Mike's Weather World with -18 reported in Fayetteville and -21 at XNA airport where they had nearly 2 feet of snow. Then the pattern changed and within a week some places in NE Oklahoma had a 100-degree turnaround. Like the signs on I-70 approaching Denver say: "Don't be fooled". Winter is not over. In fact look for a move to more seasonable weather this week. Temps will fall some on President's Day and we will probably hit the freezing mark Tuesday morning.

On another bout them quakes. Greenbrier, north of Conway, has experienced dozens of earthquakes in the past week or so. Several have registered at 3.0+ and one even hit 4.1. Some say it's a result of the natural gas drilling in the region, but I disagree. There was a swarm of small quakes near that area back in 1982 near the town of Enola. And if you are an earthquake junkie you can go the USGS site and register to receive emails and or text alerts when quakes hit a certain area. Filters allow you to choose the magnitude and area the alerts. Mine is set to text me for any quake in Arkansas with a magnitude of 3.0 or higher. Most of these quakes are less than 3.0.


Kelly said...

So is the presidential campaign definitely off now? No innaugural ball for me to attend?

I'm sure we'll still have another cold snap. You know, the kind that messes up all the buds and blooms coming out.

Interesting about the quakes. Fracking?

Pam said...

I'll be your chief of Staff. LOL!

Yep, from snow to shorts in the span of a week. Lows have been in the 60s lately. Highs the first of the week will be in the 60s then creeping back into the 70s.

I've been hearing about all the Arkansas and ( I think ) Oklshoma quakes over the past months. I also heard the theories about the natural gas drilling.


Love that photo of you, John and Bill.