Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supermoon 2011

I did a little experimental photography last night trying to get a few good shots of the "Super Moon". I did come up with a couple of interesting photos.

Oh well. The one shining thru the branches might make a good Halloween picture.

There have been a lot of developments around the world in the past couple of weeks...Earthquake....Tsunami....Nuclear Emergency....Cruise Missile Attack. You have to admit that there have been some phenomenal videos from Japan. I'm also amazed at the level of concern by some people on the west coast who are so worried about a radioactive cloud drifting over them. Don't you think we were all exposed to more radiation back during the cold war?

Mike's Weather World may try something new soon......I'm thinking of starting updates on my Twitter account. I'll let you know when that starts and if you don't Twitter now, you will have to start. I've been on Twitter for almost a year now, but I have never sent a Tweet. I just monitor a couple of weather sites. More on that later. Have a good week.


Kelly said...

I went outside to view the moon a few times as it was rising. Then it just irked me with all the light during the night. I sleep better in the dark.

I'm more willing to consider Twitter than FB, so we'll see.

Pam said...

LOVE the moon shots!!!! I saw it here and it was gorgeous and really bright.

Yep, quite a week in the news. For a news hound like me it was a real rush! LOL!

I have a twitter account but haven't used it much at all.