Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strange Weather

OK...Mike's Weather World is now on Twitter. My Twitter address is "mcmckinney". That's how I can make brief weather commentary on a moment's notice from anywhere. Most of the Tweets will be weather related including some retweets. If you have twitter please consider following me. It you don't have Twitter - get it.

Yesterday was a very unusual day as far as state wide temperatures were concerned. A warm from stretched across the Southwestern part of the state separating a big layer of late-season cold air to the Northeast. Afternoon highs ranged from only 40 in Harrison and Rogers to 88 at El Dorado and Texarkana. That's nearly a 50 degree difference from north to south.

It's looks like today will be another cloudy, cold and damp day. I awoke to 37 degrees this morning. Spring can't be that far away....the trees are starting to come out and the first signs of of the dreaded yellow fallout were visible Friday.


Pam said...

The dreaded yellow fallout(or I should say, green) is in my backyard right off of and on my patio from my Oak tree. Zertec is a morning staple for the boys and me right now.

Yep, gorgeous 85 degree day yesterday where the boys and I mulched the front flower beds and planted some flowers in somoe of my large containers. Not long after we finished the yard work the cooler wind was blowing.

It's 49 degrees at the moment, and overcast. We're in for a much cooler week with a MUCH-NEEDED chance of rain later in the week.

Don't see a late freeze in the forecast but not planting any more pots until I'm sure.

I'm following you on Twitter.

Kelly said...

We've had pollen for a couple of weeks now. We need a good rain to wash some of it away.

It's downright cold today. I had to pull out a sweatshirt! Brr!