Friday, April 15, 2011

Bad Night in LR

Tornadoes and Severe Thunderstorms left 7 people dead in Arkansas overnight. Here's a link to KARK's coverage. Here's a link to KTHV. Luckily the storms were north and southeast of Mike's Weather World. Make sure you always have batteries in your weather radio. Remember you can follow Mike's Weather World on Twitter @mcmckinney


Kelly said...

Yes, it was a bad night! We were without power for 12 hours and my stone birdbath was blown over (and broken).

Pam said...

Sirens were screaming in Plano and Frisco outside my windows about 10:40 when serious wind and hail pounded my bedroom windows for about 5 or 10 min. and then it was gone. I HATE this stuff!!!

Don't think I had any damage but was up and off to school predawn and went to a get-together with teacher friends after work so I will have to check more closely tomorrow.

This spring is bringing some really nasty weather!