Sunday, April 5, 2009

Near Record Cold!

Almost the entire state will see below freezing temperatures Tuesday morning...and it could break records at some locations. Some of the cold valley locations in the north might see upper teens. We will see upper 20's over most of the state. Protect that tender vegetation.

The wind is amazing this afternoon...gusts to near 40mph. Expect some nippy wind chills Monday morning.


Kelly said...

It's been VERY windy here today and supposed to be tomorrow, also. Maybe I'll have a good tailwind for my drive up in the morning!

Decided to go ahead and protect the new tomato plants tonight as well as tomorrow night. Only supposed to be the upper 30s tonight, but they could be wrong.

Pam said...

Well...I broke down and got some tender vegetation for some of my container gardens. I don't think I'll get down to freezing, or, if so, I don't think it will be for long enough to hurt the flowers.

I swear this weather is amazing! Yesterday, while I was scooping poop and planting it soared into the 80s. Today it's been really cold and that wind is fierce.

Tomorrow's high in the 50s. Dragged out some more winter clothes to wear to school. REALLY cold tomorrow night, then, I'll switch to lighter weight dressing for Tues school.


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