Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morning clouds give way to record heat

We awoke to thunder around 4:00 this morning...but the rain stayed just to our north as a small disturbance moved through. Once the sun cam up I took several shot of a classic Mammatus cloud formation. I may consider submitting this to the annual Weatherwise magazine photo contest.
After the clouds moved out we warmed up to was as a record setting afternoon. The Little Rock airport reached 90 degrees breaking the old record of 89 set back in 1960. The NWS office in North Little Rock tied a record of 87 set in 1999.
Not much chance of rain for a few days


Pam said...

Wow!!! Love the photos!! Those are really awesome!

VERY hot here the last couple of days, tho' with STRONG winds!!!

30% chance of rain for the weekend.

NOT fun having recess duty in this heat! :(

You know me....I thrive in COLD. NOT HEAT!!

Kelly said...

Quite impressive photos, particularly the one you used for the banner! I'd submit it.

Been very windy here, and rather warm. We had to turn on some air last night to cool things down. (need to dust my fans before we start using them again!)

Don't think we have a chance for rain until the first of the week.