Sunday, December 20, 2009

No White Christmas this year

Once again we are all disappointed that we won't be having a White Christmas. All the cold weather we've had this month....and now a warmup. We may see 60 degrees by Wednesday. At least it should be below freezing Christmas morning.


Pam said...

We usually have a zero chance of a white Christmas, sadly. *sigh* Yep, warm up due here then dropping off on Christmas Eve so it will at least feel like Christmas weather.

I remember a few years ago when it snowed right before Christmas and there were small patches of snow in shady corners inside the backyard fence on Christmas Day.

You'd think the North East could share a bit of their abundance of the white joy.....

Kelly said...

We do all our celebrating on Christmas Eve, so I'm hoping it will be cooler by then.

Pamel, I'm sure they would share the snow if they could. I'd sure hate to have that mess right before Christmas. Think of the travel delays!

Pam said...

I don't want it in that volume; I just want a smidge of what they got.

I guess I'll take colder weather for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. :)