Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas????? Really?

I know last week I said no white Christmas....but the big storm system to our west is moving farther south that first forecast. As of this update Pam is getting snow. We may even see a dusting here. Parts of northwest Arkansas could see up to 8 inches. Speaking of 8 bout all this rain. Here at Mike's weather center We have picked up 8.94 inches of rain in the past 36 hours. I-30 was closed this morning between Little Rock and Benton.

We'll keep up to date on the weather....Merry Christmas.


Pam said...

Still coming down here and starting to stick on the roads. I've got a good inch or more, even with all the blowing. It has been gorgeous and delightfully unexpected!!

First white Christmas here in the Dallas area in 80 years!!

I dreamed and I got!!! :)

Kelly said...

The rain was horrendous! Major damage to the road around our pond again. Gonna have to come up with a different solution. All that gravel we just put in ($$$) washed away. I'm just glad the pond itself is holding so far.