Sunday, February 14, 2010

Arctic Oscillation

We all know about El Nino....but combine that with what's called Arctic Oscillation and you get the kind of winter we're having. Here's a link to Accuweather's Joe Lundberg's blog. In that blog he has a link to some Arctic Oscillation charts and forecasts. As CCR said: "Looks like we're in for nasty weather".

Even as of this posting it's in the upper 40's at Mike Weather World....but cold air is moving in more rapidly than forecast and I would not be surprised to see a few flakes of snow by dark. East and Southeast Arkansas might get up to an inch. Another storm is brewing for late in the week, but too soon to pinpoint how cold and what type of precip.


Kelly said...

Vic told me she had some flurries around noon today.

We have a 20% chance, but I'm not expecting to see any.

Love your cardinal picture!

Pam said...

Sun is shining here today but it's windy and COLD! Just now hit 41 at 2:15.

Interesting about the Artic Oscillation. Never heard of that!

I do know I've been enjoying the snow I've gotten this winter! It was an unexpected delight to this, usually snow-starved snow lover! :)