Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow In All 50 States

Thank to Claire for reminding me that today in one of those rare days in weather history in this country. Snow is on the ground in all 50 states. Here is a storm report from the NWS in Mobile that covers NW Florida. When you go to it just scroll down and you'll find some storm reports of snow in FL. I remember this happening back one time in the late 70's when we had three bad winters in a row.

Below is a photo from Kelly. I also borrowed her photo for the top of the blog. She reported 2.25 inches of snow.

Pam was the winner in this storm. DFW airport got over a foot of snow breaking 24 hour snowfall records. Pam ended up with some 6 to 8 inches of snow in her yard.
We drew a blank this time. Didn't even see a flake. We do still have 2 to 3 on the ground on northern exposures. I heard one of the idiots on TV this morning read a question from a viewer wondering if this was the most snow Little Rock had seen ever.......Not even close. When I have some time I will dig out some weather records for a few places in Arkansas. Just a few days before Claire was born we had a foot of snow. Still, It has been a decent winter so far. More rain and snow in the forecast for Sunday.


Mike said...

A slight correction....i visited the Mauna Kea Weather Center web site and looking at the various webcams I have to now confirm that there is actually no snow on top of Mauna Kea. That in itself if unusual for this time of year. The did have winter conditions in late January. Temps on top are actually in the 40s.

Kelly said...

Yep, I saw this on the news tonight and they reported 49 states. Still, I would think Florida would be more unusual than Hawaii considering the altitudes of the volcanos.

Pam said...

Thanks for featuring mine and Kelly's photos! :) This was a totally unexpected and delightful snow experience! My snowscape is beautiful!!!

I think it's fun that 49 states have snow at this time!

This has been an amazing winter for us here! 4 snow events, I think. 3 of them significant.

Claire said...

i was disappointed when I found out hawaii didn't have snow. now peoples really don't believe me hawaii has snow...even when i tell them it's unusual for them not to have snow right now.

and yup. knew it. I was born and the winter weather stopped.