Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow ! ... What a Winter

This is what 40 inches of snow looks like. This is our Cousin's house in northern Delaware close to the PA state line. They had 30 inches over the weekend...6 more overnight...and even more during the day. As you all know I am a BIG lover of snow - but even this is too much for me. Apparently this storm was the straw that broke the camel's back. Notice the photo above taken from the street (I think it's a street) there is a For Sale sign. There's moving to Texas where not everything is always bigger, just better.
Looking at Ben and Terry's pictures I'm almost ashamed to publish this shot of the back of our house from yesterday. Just 4 inches.

A very interesting result from this storm. As I told you in an earlier post we had about 5 inches when it turned to heavy rain. When the precip stopped and the wind picked up and dropped temperatures well below freezing the pine trees bent over and developed icicles. Here's a couple of pics and you can notice they look like claws coming out of the end of the limbs. Some were up to a foot long. It doesn't take much to entertain me!

More snow is in the forecast. Most should fall south of us. The say we may see an inch or so, but time will tell. This next system will probably bring a couple of inches to Pam and Kelly. I'm sure they will let me know.
One final thought....does anyone know where Al Gore is? Maybe he's hibernating somewhere waiting for all this global warming to melt.


Claire said...

We talked about Al Gore today in class, we were discussing sustainablility, and how he's probaly off hiding in his own huge carbon footprint.

Diana Sawyer facebooked me today and said they have 30" in their subburb of DC last weekend. She always thinks of me when it snows there!

Kelly said...

Interesting news about our cousins. Amazing photos of their house. Nice to look at, but the photos from your house are more what I'd want to have in reality. Managable snow.

I'll let you know what we get. It's already snowing in TX.

Pam said...

Wow! Look at their house!! Yep, too much for me, too.

HOWEVER....we have a record-setting snowfall here that is incredible! Depending on where in the yard, all over the yard, back and front, I have from 6 to 8+ inches!!!!! Got to go out after the sun comes up and try to get some of the heave snow off my tree limbs, my one good remaining tree. Its branches are weighted down!!

Simply amazing here. Never seen this around here in a 24 hour period!