Sunday, March 21, 2010

Surprise for Dallas

Pam woke to a surprising 5 inches of snow this morning. You can check her blog site for more photos.

Word from John is 9 to 10 inches in parts of Fayetteville with snow still falling. He'll be sending photos later.

Very interesting storm with snow falling from Northwest Arkansas all the way down the western edge of the state to Texarkana.....but nothing east of that. Even Harrison is getting just rain this morning. If you look at the radar you can see the very distinct comma of the wrap-around snow.


Kelly said...

I'm not pleased. Not because of my lack of snow, but because I want WARM, DRY weather!!


Pam said...

Actually, I got more like 8" of snow. My neighbor's pristine fence measured *8" all along the length. I measured various parts of my yard and got anywhere from 5 to more than a foot, depending where I measured.

It was deep and gorgeous and totally unexpected! And, as is usually the case, we enjoyed it for most of a day and now it's gone and tomorrow it will be in the mid-70s. What a year!