Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Variety of Weather

We've had a variety of weather since my last posting. Top of the list was the outbreak of tornadoes Thursday evening. Above is a photo of the tornado that moved thru Saline County. As that storm moved into Pulaski County the funnel lifted back up into the clouds and sailed well above Chenal Valley. We did get a bit of hail in some areas. I knew there was a slight chance of severe weather, but no one expected a handful of damaging tornadoes. Here's a link to the NWS's recap.

On another topic have you taken a look at the newly improved Accuweather site. I especially like the way you can see the month at a glance showing what has been and what is forecast for the next 15 days. I expect we will be in for a good deal of severe weather this spring. The experts are also predicting a rough hurricane season.


Pam said...

I love the new look of Acuweather! Checked it out the other day.

Spring-like weather has slipped into my area this week. Since our Spring Break started Friday afternoon I've started planting my containers and spending time outside with the new puppy.

Sure is sad not to have my 2 big dogs roaming the backyard with me. :(

Not looking forward to ANY severe weather!

Kelly said...

I had forgotten about the new accuweather site. I really like it!! I'm sure I'll still use NWS most of the time, but I like the monthly feature at Accuweather... especially for getting highs and lows after the fact.

Yep, it was pretty rough here for an hour or so the other night. Big hail along with T-storm and tornado warnings. Not fun!

Hard to imagine we're already looking towards hurricane season again!