Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tornado Season

A sure sign that Spring is in full swing....killer tornadoes over the weekend in Mississippi and the return of the hummingbirds to Chenal. We lucked out here with no severe storms. We did get 1.75 inches of rain which washed the rest of the pollen out of the trees.


Kelly said...

Fortunately nothing more than wind and rain here, too.

Horrible storms in Mississippi!!

Pam said...

Just rain here, thank God! Yep, my yard is littered with Pollen! The small yard the puppy is confined to when he needs to do his biz outside is covered with pollen as it's under my Oak.

I have to de-pollen him every time I bring him back in.

Bandage off and sutures out tomorrow after I get home from school! 6 more weeks of 'containment'. *sigh* Not easy since he's feeling his oats and getting restless to run...