Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back with you

Don't you just hate elections. I was so glad when last Tuesday rolled around and it would be safe to answer the phone again. Something has to be done about the robo dialers used by candidates. I bet we averaged 7 to 8 a day during the primary campaign. The runoff in the Democratic Senate race will probably bring a return of the auto calls. We even got calls from Clinton and Obama. Nothing quite like getting home from work and asking if anyone called...and the answer is "Barack called for you". November is still a long way off....but look for lots of turnover.

One child is airborne right now on her way to Australia. My next update will take a look at weather down under.


Kelly said...

Weasley's lookin' good there.

Yep, just when we think we might have a little break from the politics we end up with run-offs!! We've got local ones, too.


Pam said...

At least you're not the laughing stock of America like we are as we vote to rewrite history.

What a stupid move.

I'm following Claire on Twitter as I do on Facebook. What a FUN trip! I always thought Down Under would be a really fun vacation!

I'll settle for my fridge magnet! :)

Hot, getting hotter and dry around here. 9 more get-ups before school's out and I can rest and get some things done around here!!!