Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer gets underway

Today - May 31st - is the anniversary of the worst flood in the history of the United States killing more than 2200 people in Johnstown, PA. Other floods covered larger areas like the 1937 floods on the Mississippi which killed 1100 and left 600,000 homeless. And of course many hurricanes over the years have caused extensive flooding.

Speaking of hurricanes....the Atlantic season officially begins tomorrow, June 1st. Accuweather has a good page for following this year's storms.

Memorial Day was very warm and muggy. We had various spells of thunder and some rain. More storms my pop up later in the week.

Take note of the pic below. I stole this one from Claire's Twitter. This photo was from Hobart, Tasmania where she also got the chance of view Tasmanian Devils. She showed us on of those pics this morning while Skyping from Melbourne.

Want to bet who would win a fight between this guy and Weasley????


Pam said...

Sorry Wease....

Saw the photo earlier on Facebook. She really looks like she's having a fantastic time!

Not warm here today.....just plain ol' HOT! Our first triple-digit day is forecast for later this week. Next Sunday's high might be 103! Yikes!! Thought tomorrow was June 1st, not August 1st!!!

Gonna be a loooooooooooooooong hot summer! Paying for last winter...

Didn't know that about the flood in PA. Been watching a fantastic series ( finale tonight) on the History Channel called "America The Story of Us"! Really interesting!!

Stay cool! YES! Last 3 1/2 days of school begins tomorrow!!! Can't wait! I'm tired and ready for a break!

Kelly said...

Yeah, I'm afraid Weasley wouldn't stand a chance.

Afraid it might be a pretty active hurricane season. The Pacific has already gotten off to a rough start with that first storm which hit Guatemala. Terrible!