Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More rain...here and there

We had a nice severe thunderstorm late Tuesday afternoon with small hail, close lightning, and just over two inches of rain. That means no watering again for a few days. I think I've only run the sprinkler three times this year. Let's hope for another cool and wet Summer. The past few days have been extremely humid. I'm almost ready for Fall.

Speaking of rain.....word from down under is rain, rain and more rain. Claire did manage to get out of the rain and Skype with us yesterday. Last I heard she was headed for the nearby Blue Mountains. She flies to Tasmania this weekend. Here's the link to the official sight for the Bureau of Meteorology.

Lot's of TV shows coming to an end. Law and Order went out with a whimper Monday night after 20 years. I'll miss that one. 24 finished it 8th and final day.......but don't tell me how it ended.....I might not get to watch it till the weekend.

Oh yeah...the photo above was tweeted from Manly Walk near Sidney. You can see the city in the background.


Kelly said...

We just got a shower late yesterday, nothing more.

The humidity has been quite oppressive! That's okay. I still prefer hot to cold. (I know...I'm in the minority)

Pam said...

Hot and humid here....already into the 90s. I think it's gonna be a long hot summer. Been running the sprinkler, no more rain here for awhile. I wish!

Watching American Idol finale. TOTALLY enjoyed the series finale of LOST on Sun. Wow! Same for the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy". DVRing "Criminal Minds" right now to watch at 9.

Bummer about "Law and Order" tho' the "ripped from the headlines" got old for me. It was been there done that since I'm a news hound. Love the spin-offs, tho.