Friday, June 11, 2010

100 Year Flood

A Blackhawk helicopter searches for survivors and victims of Friday morning's disastrous flood in southern Montgomery County along the Little Missouri and Caddo Rivers. The last official count I saw was 16 dead and dozens missing. It may take a few days to get a accurate tally. Six or Seven inches of rain fell in just a few hours time inundating the remote Albert Pike campground in the Ouachita National Forest.
This shot shows the devastation caused by the powerful flood waters.
Here is the USGS site for a river gauge at Langley just down stream from the campground. Notice how the water rose from 3 feet to 23 feet in such a short period of time.
First time in weeks that the national news has led with something other than the Gulf oil spill.


Pam said...

This is just horrendous! After we talked I saw where several people in this area had relatives who were there at the time.

I do hope they find more survivors who might have been able to make it to higher ground. If they can find them in all that.

So sad about all the kids.

Kelly said...

Terrible! Victoria stayed at that campground with a friend when she was little.

Just terrible!!