Thursday, June 10, 2010

Several things

First, I noticed that it was -3 this morning in Canberra (that's about 28)...but then found out Claire is back in the Sidney area for her final exam. Then she is off to the Great Barrier Reef area where it apparently is always warm. I think she will then be ready to return to the states and prepare for her Harry Potter World experience with Laura.

Thanks Kelly for this info on solar activity. This is something we will have to discuss more in the weeks ahead.

Rain in the forecast for us....1 to 3 inches thru tomorrow. I'll take all the rain I can this Summer.


Kelly said...

We got more than two inches of rain yesterday evening. A 70% chance of heavy rain tonight.

Pam said...

Send me some of your rain, Kelly! *sigh*.

I'll have to check out the solar activity site.

Great Barrier Reef! What a fun trip that will be!

Can't wait to see many more of her photos!