Sunday, June 20, 2010


Way to tease us.......lots of much lightning.....and NO rain. Now the hot weather will really set in. Look for highs this week in the upper 90's to near 100. If we reach the century mark it will be the first triple-digit temp since the summer of 08.

And don't you just love it......Somebody got their life back.

Try too stay cool. By the way we can thank Laura for the lightning pics.


Kelly said...

Good shot, Laura!

Just checked my forecast and it shows a high of 100 both today and tomorrow for me. We'll see if it makes it.

Pam said...

Really good photo and REALLY HOT!! Hit 100 here, officially, today.

No rain, no hope for rain, nothing but relentless heat, humidity and ozone alerts on the horizon....

None of the dogs, even my pup, want to venture outside except in the early morning and evening.

Well, I take that back, Smokey likes to sun bathe from time to time.