Saturday, August 7, 2010

Full Bread Dog

Before I get to the weather just a side note on Weasley. A couple of weeks ago the Wease made his semi-annual visit to the vet. The fat boy tipped the scales at a record 51 pounds. So, it was suggested he be put on a diet --- A cup and a half of food rather than two cups. This has not gone over very well. He wolfs down his food quickly and then stands at the pantry door wanting more. He begs more than usual. He has been getting into everything looking for a snack. He has also improved his leaping ability. Twice in the past two weeks he has managed to lunge to the middle of the counter and snatch a full loaf of bread. He carefully pulls off the twisty tie and proceeds to devour the entire loaf. Following the latest attack Weasley was obviously miserable with a bloated belly. No begging for the rest of that day.
Let's talk weather. 13 days so far this Summer with 100 degrees or higher. It's been worse:
1954 43 days
1980 42 days
So I guess it could be worse. By the way....all-time high for Little Rock was 112 set on July 31st 1986. The Weather Service Office in North Little Rock recorded 111 on August 30th, 2000.
What will Winter bring.....right now they say warm and dry.


Kelly said...

Naughty Weasley. I can feel his pain, though. The lengths we'll go to when we're hungry (or at least think we are)!

I'm hoping this cooler weather (upper 90s rather than triple digits) is a trend and not just a respite.

Pam said...

Poor Wease!!!! Sounds like 2 hound dogs around here!!! Always on the prowl and alert to those who tend to spill or don't closely guard their plates!!

Hot!!!! Too damm HOT!!! About to go out in it for an event at Trish's mall. Am NOT looking forward to the heat!!!!

Snow dreams...............