Sunday, June 29, 2008

If only July could be like today

As I said in my last post we had rain Saturday morning...about a third of an inch. We also had a couple of light showers last night, but most of the predicted heavy rain moved west and south of us.
Today has been absolutely superb with low humidity and a high of 86. It was even in the 70s in Northwest Arkansas. Very comfortable sitting on the deck in the shade and drinking lemonade.
Nice today, but I'm sure we will pay for it in the very near future. I can't ever remember a Fourth of July that wasn't steamy and uncomfortable. Time will tell. With the low humidity I'm forecasting a low tonight in the mid 60s.


Pam said...

Love the photo!!!

Only about 92 here today and only 84 at the moment and pleasant. I actually sat out on the patio for about an hour reading a little while ago. Nice breeze.

Major warnings last evening but we got maybe a drop of rain here. Thunder, lightening and storms all around us. I would have liked a bit of the rain, tho'. *Sigh*

Feast or famine.

We had 2 100 degree days last week so this was nice today.

Yes, I will pay, too. Temps rising during the week....

I forgot how wonderful, relatively cool and rainy the first half of last summer was....

Kelly said...

We had two bouts of rain over the weekend... ending with a total of about .8" at our house. Pleasant temps.

Claire said...

Hey Dad!

It's Claire here. Your blog looks really good!