Saturday, June 28, 2008


Yes folks ... woke up this morning to storms moving in. Yesterday was hot and more humid with a high of 91 after a low of 70. The forcast today calls for a 50% chance of thunderstorms with a 60% chance tonight. That should keep highs around 80 unless the sun comes out for an extended period of time. I even see some flash flooding in southern MO.

Sibling Weather Forcast:

El Dorado PC 92 20%
Plano PC 99 20%
Fairhope PC 89 50%


Kelly said...

Haven't looked at the radar yet, but glad to know you got some rain. We're gonna need some before long. Seems like the percentages change every time they update the NWS forecast!

Pam said...

My weather sucks HOT briquettes!

Hope we get a bit of the rain forecast for tonight and/or in the AM.

That might knock us back down into the lower 90s.

The boys and I walked/biked to the park today, then home. It was brutal! I'm still sopping wet!