Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Inconvenient Blog

Welcome to my personal weather blog. I can't promise to post everyday, but I will do my best to keep you up to date on weather here at my house. I'll pass along photos and links to other interesting sites. And, I'll do my best to occasionally pass along information on "the convenient lie" known as Global Warming.

At this time I welcome your comments, and will read them once I figure out how.

Great weather here today considering it is mid-June. Last 2 days have been below 90. Low at my house this morning was 62. Great walking weather. There is a chance a rain tomorrow.


Kelly said...

Your blog looks great!!

It's supposed to stay in the 80s here for the next two days. We'll see.

Pam said...

Wow!!! Love the new blog! Looks fantastic! ahahah look at your dog-days reporter!

No 80s here. *Sigh*

Think we're in for another round of wicked weather tonight or in the wee hours.

Bob said...

What do you mean global warming is a lie? The government just came out with their latest study (that they spent God knows how much of our tax $$$ on) telling us how bad it is. So it has to be true doesn't it? You mean I can't believe what the government tells me?????!!!!!!!