Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yep ... It's now officially hot!

We made it up to 94 today...but it could have been worse. Humidity is still not that high. Absolutely no rain. As I said earlier, I like to use this space to pass along other interesting sites. The Intellicast site is still the best for a wide area radar picture, although since their last upgrade it takes longer to fully load the page. Check it out.


Kelly said...

Intellicast has always been my radar site of choice.

It clouded up and thundered here late this afternoon. Didn't produce anything at our house, but did cool things down a bit.

Pam said...

Me too, on Intellicast. Only got to about 95 or 96 today. Was 98 yesterday.

Give or take a degree or two it's still HOT!

Pam said...

Wed, June 25:

Silly me for telling you this morning that we were having a 'cold snap' today.

As I type this at 5:51 pm it is 90 degrees.....NOT a cold snap!

Officially nasty!

Pam said...

oops....make that 96 degrees) right now!