Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where will Ike go?

The folks in New Orleans ought to be likin' Ike right now. It looks like he will hit the mid Texas coast and not it appears he will swing north. This path could give Pam a rainy end to her weekend. It also looks like a soaking for the Hogs in Austin. But, as with any hurricane....stay tuned because things can change.
We had pleasant weather here today with clouds and a high of only 76. Some warmer weather may return before the weekend.


Pam said...

80 to 83 today and LOTS of good soaking rain! Can't beat that!

I'll take Ike and his rain soak! The more rain the merrier around here! Up to a point, of course.

Warming up again here as the week progresses.

Kelly said...

Hope most of the rain misses me this time!