Monday, September 1, 2008

Active Atlantic Basin

Gustav ended up having more bark than bite. Flooding now seems to be the biggest threat. Considering all the cost of evacuating New Orleans every time a storm moves into the Gulf of Mexico, wouldn't it be more cost effective in the long run to just buyout the residents in the lower 9th ward and relocate all of them to higher land permanently. WHat idiot builds a city below sea level!

It's amazing how active the Atlantic Basin is today. Take a look at this. As for the effects of Gustav, it looks like Kelly will get the most rain out of this. Keep me up to date as to rainfall totals.


Pam said...

Yeah, well, as usual my severe weather threats (that still continue) will be a bust on precip, as usual!

Poor Weeze...he does NOT look like a happy beagle!! Smokey looked at him and then doggie snickered like Droopy the dog in the old cartoons. haahaha

Yep, here comes Hannah with Ike nipping on her heels. Could Ike be Gustav's Rita? Hope not.

Kelly said...

Glad I drove back from TX last night! Got in to a little wind and rain the last hour or so.

3" of rain as of this morning. Looks like you're getting quite a bit, too.