Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas or an Ice Christmas

This December has been a real roller coaster when it comes to weather. Freezing rain, sleet and snow earlier this week will give way to much warmer temperatures on Friday and Saturday. Then......another Huge plunge back into the arctic. Highs on Sunday will remain below freezing over some of the state and lows Monday morning could be in the single digits in north Arkansas. It appears as though this outbreak will plunge all way into Plano. And, you might want to keep an eye on the forecast for Christmas Eve. I know I'm jinxing it, and I know forecasting is very difficult out more than a couple of days, but there is early talk of some winter precip close to the big day. I will always be dreaming of a white Christmas....but NOT an icy Christmas.

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Kelly said...

Roller coaster is right! I wish it would pick a reasonable temperature range and stay there.

After a predicted high of 72 for Saturday they show us dipping to 25 overnight on Sunday!