Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold again

This is what it looked like earlier in the week after a brief bout of sleet and freezing rain. A big warm up came Friday with highs way up in the 60s. Cold has again returned with lows this morning below freezing statewide. Northwest Arkansas dropped into the single digits. We will see the mid teens here in west Little Rock by Monday morning and probably won't see the freezing mark all day. As often happens here, moisture will return and as the temps begin to warm we will see some freezing rain Monday night and Tuesday morning. It appears the warming trend will last thru Christmas Day.


Pam said...

My thermometer read 22 when I got up this morning around 9 AM. Clear and frigid--love it!!

I still say other parts of the country are hogging all the snow and it's a real bummer.

60s due here for Christmas. :(

Love your wreath!!

Kelly said...

Well, I have to say Boo Hiss on the warm Christmas. I'd rather move the predicted lows for tonight to Christmas Eve instead.