Friday, August 29, 2008

Nothing like a little Labor Day excitement

I always like the way Accuweather predicts the strength of the hurricane on their map. Folks in New Orleans are scattering like cockroaches startled in the middle of the night by a bright light. Based on the latest path it looks like Kelly and Pam will get more rain then I will get. It's still a few days off but we will watch it closely.
I'll update again on Sunday when we have a better idea of the path. In the meantime take a look at what channel 11 put together for tracking Gustav.


Pam said...

Yep, I'll be watching this brawler that's barreling into the Gulf and pumping his way up as he heads for landfall!

I'll take any rain I can get.

I feel for anyone in the path of this monster, but I do need some rain!

Texas has mobilized for evacuees and for those needing to head in my direction either from South Texas or Louisiana.

Kelly said...

I'll be driving back from TX on Tuesday...probably in the pouring rain. Maybe it won't be too windy at that point, though.

I hope the Delta doesn't get much rain. (gotta get those crops in!!)

Kelly said...

Weasley's ready for the storm!!