Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weasley's Excellent Adventure

"My caretakers usually take me for a walk around the neighborhood every day so I can smell squirrels, chipmunks, and strange dogs. Occasionally I'll chase the ducks or geese. Lawn care workers come on Friday and I usually ignore them. But this Friday they were trimming shrubs and disturbing me with that horribly loud blower. One of the guys actually came up on the deck to blow and guess what? After he left he didn't properly close the gate. Of course, I'm a smart dog and it didn't take me long to pull the gate open. FREEDOM! I can take my own walk without that 30 foot leash. I had the best of times exploring the neighborhood at my own pace. I guess I was gone for about 45 minutes when I started feeling tired and thirsty. I'm just not as young as I used to be. So, like a good doggie, I headed for home. I was spotted my mom and dad as I walked up the driveway. A quick scratch at the front door and I was once again home. Only one problem....due tot he heavy rains of the past several days I was covered in mud. Now that didn't bother ME...but for some reason they were not happy at all. I was again tricked into putting one a leash and being hauled to the bathroom for a B-A-T-H. Oh, and yes I can spell certain words. Laura and Claire were continually asking me where I had gone.....but I'm not talking. That's for me to know and them to always wonder. At least I did finally come home. I'll wait patiently for another attempt to take my own walk."


Kelly said...

Oh my!!! What an exciting time you must have had!

I'm glad you didn't encounter any bad things while you were gone (like unfriendly animals or cars) and didn't get lost. You beagles are bad about taking off after a scent then realizing later you don't know where you are!

Be a good boy and stay home!!

Pam said...

Weezer, I refused to let our Smokey read your entry. He's ALWAYS looking to run free and we live near lots of dangerous streets.

So far, he's lucked out on his brief spurts of freedom. His luck could change.

Hope you had fun; glad your home.

Oh, R2, Bear and Mac read the entry and just rolled their eyes. All but Mac. He had a 'moment' thinking that it might be a fun adventure until it dawned on him that he's scared of his own shadow without one of the big dogs to hide under.