Monday, May 25, 2009


Rainy and breezy all weekend. This has been the wettest May since 1893...and the third rainest ever. my rain guage has received over 3.50 inches so far this weekend. Interesting how you can see the low pressure system spinning counter-clockwise over the state. Yesterday's rain had that tropical look to it like we saw last year in hurricane season. It's too wet to take new pictures so I revived a photo of last year's Gustav.

The Wease did not get to walk at all yesterday.....and he is anxious to get out and about. No rain falling right time for a quick walk around the block.


Kelly said...

I saw from the radar all weekend that y'all were getting hammered with rain. Fortunately we only got about 1/2 inch. NWS is still showing a 70% chance for today, though.

Hope Weasley enjoys his outing. Rain never deters our dogs and they sure can make a mess when they come back inside!

Pam said...

No rain here today after off and on drizzle the past couple of days. Sunny and warm. Took a long walk this morning.

We're due some more rain later tomorrow, tomorrow night and Wed. I think. Then just sun and getting hotter!!!

Won't be long before I'll be doing rain dances, I'm afraid.

The yard sure looks lush after all the rain this spring.

Back to school in the morning. Just 2 more weeks and the boys and I will be sprung for the summer! I need a break....