Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunshine At Last

After a prolonged period of rain, rain and more rain the sun is finally peaking through the clouds. Storms moved through early this morning dumping another inch or so of rain. Parts of central Arkansas have had more than a foot or rain this month. People have told me that this is what if must be like to live in Seattle. Actually Seattle gets less rain annually that we do. Theirs is just spread out more.

We are expecting cool and dry weather here for the next day or so. Lows will fall to near 50 here and the low to mid 40s in north Arkansas. Better than Las Vegas which is expecting temps over a 100 for the next few days. Death Valley will reach 117 for highs. Usually those hot temperatures are reserved for July and August. Could it be global warming????? I occasionally like to check in with Accuweather's Global Warming Blog.


Kelly said...

Hey! I know that photo!

You may be predicted dryer weather, but we're still supposed to get rain later today and tonight. Maybe it will miss us. Sure hope it misses our farm. (need to get crops in!!)

Is that a young Weasley?

Pam said...

No sun around here today. Another soggy Saturday. 63 here right now. Feels nice.

Partly cloudy outlook for tomorrow. Only 72 for a high.

I'll take it.

Sure is looking lush around my yard lately. Not to mention I've not had to have the sprinkler system on much this spring.

Pam said...

We had earthquakes around here today that shook houses. 3.3 in Euless.

Also, Trish just went out to get the dogs in from the backyard after their nightly pee. She saw a coyote take off across the church parking lot.

Last time we saw one was early morning during the Valentine's Day snow a few years ago.