Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

Yes...I'm a Republican dog....and yes I am in total favor of "enhanced interrogation methods." I have personal experience with water boarding. Every time I am dragged into the shower for a B-A-T-H (yes I can spell) that shower of water beats on my head until I'm ready to say anything. Every time I seems to get muddy and smelly, I'm shackled and forced into that tile covered "cooler" for another round of questioning.

As for the weather, it appears we will all see scattered rain and thunderstorms this long weekend. It's very interesting that this weather system is somewhat tropical in nature. Take a look at your radar and notice how the rain is moving from East to West (animate the radar). This is more what you would see during late summer when hurricanes move into the Gulf.

It shouldn't be a total wash out.....I'll still be able to cook out on the grill.


Pam said...

LOL!! You poor tortured creature, you!!

Had a brief shower here at some point earlier. Cloudy with some sun most of the day. I scooped poop between drizzles. First weekend it's been dry enough to do that in what seems like forever.

I've heard snippets all week about the disturbance in the gulf, precursor to the official start of the tropical storm season.

Who lotta shaking going on the past few weeks--here, California, Mexico... hmmmm

"Dickie's" will be doing my Mon. grilling. :)

Kelly said...

Pam, you weenie.... I get out and scoop poop in the rain!! Daily!! Well, it's not actually raining daily, but it's almost felt like that lately.

I'm glad you answered the question about this weather system. I almost called you today to ask why it was moving in from the SE. I rarely see that on my radar (which I always have looped).