Sunday, October 4, 2009

Football and Fall

Finally a good Saturday. Arkansas thrashed the Aggies and ASU showed they're no pushover. Two of the kids traveled to "Jerry World" to watch the game, party, and check out what you get for 1.2-Billion dollars. No recession in the Republic. The Indians (they will always be the Indians to me) almost beat 13th ranked Iowa on national TV losing 24 to 21.

Rain moved in overnight and may be with us for a few days. It feels GREAT outside this morning with temps in the mid 50s and light rain. The official Weather World rain gauge chalked up .16 as of 7am. About the same amount has fallen since then. Most of the heavy rain has been to the south of us.


Pam said...

61 here right now and it feels great! Rained yesterday and overnight. Overcast now with rain forecast a good portion of the week.

What did the kids think of Jerry's world? I never made it to Jerry's Old world. Fraid I'd be priced out of a trip to this one.

Like I would go to a football game I could watch on TV! ahahha Only watch the Cowboys....sometimes.

Wish really cold temps would move into my area and bring more of this moisture with it. Guess that's too much to ask for.. *sigh*

Kelly said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier, but the blasted rain knocked me off the internet.

It's getting ridiculous! We had 2" Friday and I dumped almost 3" around 9:00 this morning. Been raining steadily since, so no telling how much we've had total today. I'll check later when the rain stops (if it does!).

Beans flooded in the fields, rice blowing over due to high winds. It doesn't look good.

Pam said...

All this rain and I'm beginning to feel like a moldy oldy! *grin*

Claire said...

"jerry world" was amazing. my friends and i walked in and our jaws dropped! wish we could've walked around more but you weren't allowed past certain places without passes! i'll update my blog sometime when school isn't crazy!

oh and we all bought $14 "cowboyritas" uh... :/